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Llangorse Lake Big Swim 2021 – Date TBC in early 2021

The swim takes place in the beautiful Llangorse Lake, the largest natural lake in south Wales. Swimming is normally forbidden in the lake so thanks to the Blackham family, Llangorse Sailing Club and the Llangorse Users Group, competitors will get the only chance in the year to enjoy the beautiful water.

4 distances to choose from:

1 loop – 1.5km
2 loops – 3km
3 loops – 4.5km
4 loops – 6km

You can change your distance on the day of the swim if you feel you’d like to swim further or not quite so far.  The course will take the swimmers from Llangorse Sailing Club, across to the far bank with views of St Gastyn’s church and back towards The Crannog – the only such ancient lake dwelling in England and Wales.

The race will be chip timed. You will be supported by canoes and boats on the water and we also have a floating aid station where you can take on food and drink. There will be professional first aid cover on the water and on the shore.

Every swimmer will get a silicone Llangorse Big Swim hat, a reusable Afanc mug and as much tea, coffee, biscuits and cake as you can consume (yes really!)

We would strongly advise that swimmers wear a wetsuit unless you have extensive experience of swimming outdoors.

Registration will take place at Llangorse Sailing Club.  There are changing rooms and showers plus ample toilets and refreshments. Spectators are welcome to watch the race from either the clubhouse or The Crannog.  The lakeside and village contains loads of great accommodation options plus excellent places to eat, drink and relax and play areas for children so it’s an ideal place to base yourself for a family weekend.

Thank you to Wayne Smith for the fabulous pictures of the 2018 swim which you can see here – Flickr

Thank you to Louise Wyatt for the great pictures of the 2016 and 2017 swims which you can see on our Facebook page – Facebook

Thank you to Jon Phillips for these wonderful images of our 2015 swim – Photos

28 thoughts on “Swim

  1. Andrew Rickard says:

    Hi Nicola
    Many thanks, if there’s a medal involved then I’m in!
    I’ve just entered, see you September

  2. Harriet says:

    Hi, I was just wondering how competitive/ fast the swim is? I’m a confident open water swimmer and have done the distance a few times but I’m not particularly fast.

    • Hi Harriet. Some people are fast but lots of people will be taking their time and enjoying the swim. There are no cut-off times and the support, food and drink and cheering will be just the same whether you’re the first or the last out of the water. It’s a good fun event and there’s cake! We hope to see you in September. Nicola, Llangorse Big Swim and Triathlon

    • Hi Claire. We take solo swimmers from 16 so she’s fine to enter. Younger swimmers can enter if they’re accompanied by an adult.
      Best wishes
      Nicola – Llangorse Big Swim

  3. David Rock says:

    I am swimming the 6K event next week and was wondering are there any drinks stations or points on the swim where I can re fuel

    • Hi David. Yes, you will pass the aid station at the end of each lap. There will be water, cola, jelly babies and gels provided or you can leave your own drink or food there.
      Best Wishes

  4. NW says:

    What on water support is there, and if you enter the 6k do you have an option to end at a shorter distance if required on the day

    • Hi Nigel. Yes, you don’t need to decide what distance you’re doing until you enter the water and you can always change your mind during the swim too; just tell a marshal. The entry form distances are just for our planning. Re support; we have 2 safety boats and a control boat on the water plus a minimum of 6 canoes and land safety spotters. We’re also all in radio contact. There will also be medical cover on the water and on land. We hope to see you in September. Happy swimming, Nicola

  5. Stuart says:

    Hi Nic is there any decision yet on whether the triathlon will take place? If it’s definitely not happening I’ll enter the swim only. Many thanks Stuart

    • Hi Stuart. We’re only holding the Big Swim this year i’m afraid. I was receiving a lot of medical treatment last year and earlier this year so didn’t have the time to do the necessary planning. The Big Swim is on and going ahead though, bigger and better than last year. We hope to see you there. Nicola and the team

    • Hi Jack. It’s totally dependent on the weather that we’ll have this summer and closer to the day of the swim. Based on previous years it’s going to be between 15 degrees (the coldest we’ve had in September) and 20 degrees (the warmest) We monitor the temperature regularly before the race and post them on our Facebook page. Best Wishes, the Llangorse Big Swim Team

  6. Could you clarify the price for entry please? The website says £30 early bird and £35 if later, but when I complete the form and go to pay, it’s charging £42?? Not sure why?!

    • Hi Sarah, all of the early bird places have gone I’m afraid. It’s £40 plus the online admin. You can pay by cheque if you want to avoid the admin fee, just press the pay by cheque option. Hope to see you in September, Nicola

  7. Kathryn Jenkins says:

    Hello, interested in taking part but wanted to ask whether there is a schedule of what time each distance may swim.
    We will be doing the great east swim this weekend, would like to do a longer distance , however concerned that if training doesn’t go to plan whether we may be able to change the distance.
    Also what are weather conditions normally like, from the photos there doesn’t seem to be too much of a swell.
    Last question is there any opertunity to visit say the day before to visualise the course?
    Thanks Kathryn

    • Hi Kathryn. You can choose to change your distance on race day, that’s not a problem. The 6km swimmers go off first at 2pm followed by the 4.5km at 2.20, the 3km at 2.40 and the 1.5km at 3pm. Although there’s no swimming in the lake apart from on the Big Swim day, you can pop down to the sailing club at any time and I can arrange for one of the volunteers to show you where the course will be. It’s a triangle going out from the sailing club. Re the weather, it’s difficult as this is Wales! There can be a slight swell if it’s really windy but the lake is sheltered by the Black Mountains and Brecon Beacons on 3 sides so it’s quite sheltered. I hope that helps? All the best, Nicola

  8. Martin Shewry says:

    I’d like to enter the Llangorse Swim for 6kms on 15 Sep 2018. However, I swim BACKSTROKE. Do you allow? Don’t worry, I’m a very experienced open water swimmer!

    • Hi Martin. I’m afraid that we don’t allow backstroke as it affects our water safety. Swimmers are asked to roll on to their back and signal to the water safety marshals should they need assistance. We hope you’ll join us and still enjoy the swim. The benefits of doing breast stroke or front crawl means you will also get to see the amazing views. All the best, the Llangorse Big Swim team.

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