Temperature and disease control

The temperature in the 1500m loop is 17 degrees. In the creek it’s 15 degrees as it’s shaded. There is a 100m swim out to the start so you’ll be able to acclimatise.

Please make sure that all your kit, wetsuits and equipment is completely dry before entering the water. Unfortunately there’s been a suspected outbreak of Crayfish plague on the Cwm y Caddo, a tributary of the Monnow, and it’s essential that this isn’t spread elsewhere. It’s carried as spores on wet kit and in mud.


3 thoughts on “Temperature and disease control

  1. Elaine Thomas says:

    Really enjoyed again Nicola. I did my fastest swim ever so the adjusted course must suit me. Missed not having medal, but really love the cups. Regards Elaine Thomas

  2. Karen Sansom says:

    Thank you so much to Nicola and all others involved in the work and organisation for the swim. It must take a great deal of work. I had a lovely time on my second swim in this beautiful place, and so did my “support team” watching from the shore. I will really enjoy using the mug all year to remind me of a great day, and to practice hard for next year’s swim.

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