Mugs not medals

This year all swimmers will receive a reusable drinks cup instead of a medal when they finish the swim. We’ve been thinking about this for a while as it’s dificult to get British made eco-friendly medals. We loved the Afanc design on the medals but they came in individual tiny plastic bags (grr) and were made in China. We hope you’ll love the cups and collect them year after year. They’ll also be super useful as you can go straight to the tea/coffee/not chocolate and cakes!


2 thoughts on “Mugs not medals

  1. Dave Dutton says:

    Yes, its always nice to get a medal but two things really stand out about your statement: A) you are conscious about the consumption of plastic and B) you are looking to source away from China. For these reasons I will continue to support and admire this fab event. (Oh, and I truly love swimming in this lake every year :-))

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