Big Swim 2018

The Llangorse Lake Big Swim will be held on the afternoon of Saturday September 15th. We hope to welcome 250 swimmers of all ages, sizes and abilities wearing trunks, costumes and wetsuits to the beautiful Llangorse Lake.  In 2018 we will once again be able to offer you changing rooms and showers and we will be adding more markers in the lake to make it easier for you to navigate.   To enter please follow this link Llangorse Big Swim Entries


6 thoughts on “Big Swim 2018

  1. Eric says:

    Is it possible to show the 5 year age group each swimmer falls into, or if not list each swimmers age. As an older swimmer, age 61, it would be nice to see how I did compared to similar aged swimmers

    • Hi Eric. Thanks for the message. We don’t post the age categories online or on the day as, for many of our swimmers, it puts them under undue pressure. Many people are there to compete but others are just happy to complete. We can certainly get an individual break down for you after the event though which will give you a comparison between you and other swimmers in your 5 year age group. Please just ask us in advance or on the day. Best Wishes, Nicola and the team.

  2. John Marriott says:

    Is it possible to use hand paddles for the swim? I have a bad hand that cramps up and paddles prevent this from happening. As mentioned I would be in the swim to complete and not compete!

    • Hi John. Yes, we can allow you to do so. We’ll give you a different coloured hat to the rest of your wave so that the others swimmers are aware that you’re using paddles. Best Wishes, Nicola and the team

  3. Susannah English says:

    Hi Nicola – when do you anticipate your list to be full? Impossible question I know, but I can’t make a decision until Friday. Do you suggest I enter anyway? I think you only give a 50% refund or have I got that wrong? Susannah

    • Hi Susannah. Based on previous years we’ll be full about 2 weeks before the event so around September 1st. You can see the places left on Entry Central so maybe you could keep checking? We hope to see you in September, thanks Nicola

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