Swim update



Hi swimmers.  Here is the map for this year’s swim.  At the moment the lake is a very, very warm 21 degrees. There is some weed on the course but we’ll be tweaking the route to avoid it.  The water is very clear so you’ll be looking down on plants, fish, shells and all of the creatures that live in this special lake.

We expect to be full up by the end of this week but we are operating a waiting list and we’ll let you know if we’re able to release more places or if anybody drops out and their place becomes available.

Regular updates on the temperature, course, entries etc. will be posted on our Facebook page – Llangorse Lake Big Swim

See you on September 10th



Wetsuit or skins – your choice

Hi swimmers
It was great to meet so many of you at the Caldey to Tenby swim last weekend. What a fabulous event. Lots of people have been asking if you have to wear a wetsuit for the Llangorse Big Swim? No, you can choose whether you wear one or not. Last year about a third of the swimmers wore just drunks, costumes or bikinis (we applaud you ‘Blue Tits’ (Yep, that’s the club’s name!) You don’t need to make up your mind until the day of the swim and there are prizes for both wetsuits and skins. We hope to see you all on September 10th – you can enter here – https://www.entrycentral.com/Llangorse-Lake-Swim