Fancy ending your season in the Brecon Beacons?

Well, the sun has returned and most of us are probably finding it a lot easier to get out on the bike or start our open water training! If you’re now planning your season then why not finish it off in style in one of the most stunningly beautiful locations in the UK? Across the Llangorse Lake weekend you can choose from 3 distances in the swim and an Olympic of Middle Distance triathlon for both individuals and teams. There’s camping right next to the race HQ and numerous accommodation options nearby. If you fancy coming along with your friends and family and making it an end of season weekend or holiday then just get in touch. We’re offering club discounts and packages and can help you to find accommodation, places to eat and drink and bike hire. Just email or call. Happy Training! Nicola and the Llangorse Team


3 thoughts on “Fancy ending your season in the Brecon Beacons?

  1. Mark says:

    I’m always on the lookout for double Olympic distance events with off-road runs as I prefer the Olympic ratios compared to Ironman ones. My searching for such events discovered Llangorse. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to compete this year as I’m doing Helvellyn in early September too. If not, I’ll certainly earmark Llangorse for next year.

    What would be helpful (for those of us who like our triathlons to have long swims, off-road runs and not too many competitors!) is if you could suggest other similar O2 length events. The only other one I’ve come up with so far is Tri-Athy but that’s a big event and the run is a bit too ‘roady’.

    I guess there’s a call for calmer, quieter events too, without all the hullabaloo that seems to have become popular in many events, especially the ones with big attendance.

    • Ah Mark, a man after my own heart! Your reasons are why we launched the Llangorse race. The swim should be a crucial part of the triathlon, not just a quick dip! Many of us love the big events too but wanted a more stress-free race when times are important, but so is cake, beer and smiling. We also make sure there’s simple things like food and drink at the end, coffee and tea if there’s a delay to the start, the ability to swap within distances easily and, most importantly, no cut-offs. Worcester Tri Club run a single, double, triple standard with a similar ethos. It was yesterday though I’m afraid, earlier than normal this year. I’ve enjoyed the Swashbuckler in the past, down in the New Forest, a big race but a friendly ethos. There’s also the Isoman in Redditch in July with a new format and much longer swims. Good luck with your season and we hope to see you at Llangorse soon. Nicola

      • Mark says:

        Many thanks for those suggestions. I’ve swum in Top Barn lake before and it’s a bit… how should I put it?… ‘swampy’. Actually that’s a bit harsh, it’s just that the weeds tickle you all the way and if your stroke goes too deep, you get a handful of silt. I’m not selling it too well, am I!

        The Swashbuckler looks a good race but still closer to IM70.3 distances and ratios. One that I did last year was Wensleydale which was billed as a longer swim and seemed to end up being even longer than advertised due to a bit of a mix up somewhere – fine by me – but the cycle route is hard: lots of 1:4 and 1:5 gradient climbs.

        The Isoman looks right up my street, with the half distance probably the most suitable. Be assured that Isoman Half and Llangorse are both now on my list of targets.

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