Temperature and disease control

The temperature in the 1500m loop is 17 degrees. In the creek it’s 15 degrees as it’s shaded. There is a 100m swim out to the start so you’ll be able to acclimatise.

Please make sure that all your kit, wetsuits and equipment is completely dry before entering the water. Unfortunately there’s been a suspected outbreak of Crayfish plague on the Cwm y Caddo, a tributary of the Monnow, and it’s essential that this isn’t spread elsewhere. It’s carried as spores on wet kit and in mud.


Mugs not medals

This year all swimmers will receive a reusable drinks cup instead of a medal when they finish the swim. We’ve been thinking about this for a while as it’s dificult to get British made eco-friendly medals. We loved the Afanc design on the medals but they came in individual tiny plastic bags (grr) and were made in China. We hope you’ll love the cups and collect them year after year. They’ll also be super useful as you can go straight to the tea/coffee/not chocolate and cakes!